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Burn Injury

Despite society’s ability to prevent most accidental fires, burn injuries and deaths continue to afflict victims of all ages and pose significant public health problems. In 2005, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that deaths from fires and burns are the fifth most common cause of unintentional deaths in the United States and the third leading cause of residential deaths. In 2005, there were 1,602,000 fires reported in the United States resulting in 3,675 civilian deaths and 17,925 injuries which killed 87 firefighters and caused $10.7 billion in property damage.

Causes of Burn Injuries:

This Website explains the many causes of fires and burn injuries which include, but are not limited to, defective products, explosions, flammable materials, gas explosions, hot liquid burns, motor vehicle fires, industrial accidents, building fires and most commonly, household fires. These types of fires result in different types of injuries which vary from first-degree to third-degree burns. Thermal, electric and chemical burns are also common among fire victims.

Treatments for Burn Injury:

Because all burn injuries vary in scope and severity, a multitude of treatments are used to aid in the healing process. Most burns are initially treated and kept from spreading by submersing the burn area in cold water. Different types of pain medications are prescribed to patients depending on the type and size of the burn. Once cleaning of the burn area is performed, physicians apply special dressings to protect the burn and help it heal. Ointments and gels are also applied on the burn area both to relieve pain and regenerate skin growth.

Victim of a Burn Injury:

In addition to the physical aspects of burn injuries, many victims suffer devastating psychological trauma that can be treated through counseling and support groups. By locating a facility with extensive counseling and support resources, victims are able to take the proper steps necessary to return to the lives once knew before the burn injury. Click here for an extensive list of burn centers across the United States, or visit the counseling page of this Website. For more burn information on burn resources, visit these links.

Legal Help and Lawyer Resource for Burn Injury Cases:

Families should recognize the importance of hiring competent representation to handle any possible legal concerns surrounding a fire or a burn injury. If another party contributed to the burn injury or fire, a filing a lawsuit may be an option to assist in meeting the overwhelming financial needs of recovery. An experienced attorney may be able to seek significant compensation for your loss of wages, loss of physical movement, pain and suffering and property damages.

Find a Burn Injury Lawyer:

Qualified burn injury attorneys can assist you in handling your insurance claims and are able to represent your personal interests during every step of the legal and healing process. If necessary, a burn injury attorney can take your case to trial and ensure that all aspects of your claim are properly addressed as insurance companies spend millions of dollars each year to try and reduce the amount of money they pay in fire damages.

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